What is Woodland Wardens?
Woodland Wardens is an in-progress oracle deck. Each animal is paired with a symbolic plant for introspection and reading. There will be 52 cards total once the deck is complete.

Who created Woodland Wardens?
Woodland Wardens was created by me, Jessica Roux. I'm a full-time freelance illustrator inspired by flora and fauna. I came up with the concepts, illustrated all the cards, and wrote the meanings. You can find more of my work here!

What’s the difference between an oracle deck and a tarot deck?
Tarot cards are older, more structured, and there’s almost always 78 cards in a tarot deck (22 Major Arcana, 56 Minor Arcana). Oracle decks don’t have a specific structure - they can feature anything, have any number of cards, and are generally easier to use for those who don’t have as much experience with tarot. You can (and should) pair oracle decks with tarot decks for deeper introspection, and that is partly why some of the Woodland Wardens cards have similar meaning to traditional tarot cards.
Additionally, I chose to do an oracle deck because I wanted to create a series that focused on animal and plant meanings, something deeply personal to me that I can share with the world without thinking as much about tradition and structure.

When will the oracle deck be available for purchase?
It’ll be for sale once the art is completed and the decks are printed and assembled. I’ve finished 19/52 cards, so there’s a long way to go. I’m a full-time freelance illustrator, so I can only work on Woodland Wardens in between client work. It’s a big undertaking, and I want all of the cards to have the same quality and time spent. I don’t currently have an end date in mind, as my client work takes up the majority of my time and is unpredictable.

Where can I purchase originals, prints and/or products with the illustrations from Woodland Wardens on them?
If you click on the illustration you're interested in, under "The Cards," there are links to where you can purchase them.

What’s the gallery show all about?
I had my first solo show at Gallery 205 in Columbia, TN, called Woodland Wardens. It opened October 13th and went until December 1st, 2017. It showcased the first eight cards. Each of the 8 original graphite drawings are for sale, in frames handmade by my husband. Each card is also a limited edition of 25 fine art print, signed and numbered. They’re printed on a really gorgeous, thick cotton rag archival paper with archival ink - they’ll never fade or yellow over time. They’re large - 14″ x 24″. All the sales from the show are going to allow me to devote more time to this project, and it’ll help me gauge interest in the project to see if I can afford to devote more time to it. You can find all the work for sale online here!

Will there be a guidebook with the deck?
Absolutely! I’ve already written the meanings for each of the cards. Each plant and animal are chosen for their symbolism in folklore, mythology, the Victorian language of flowers, and personality traits. It was a huge undertaking to do all the research upfront, so that’s one of the reasons why this project is taking a long time to complete. 

What’s up with the numbering?
All the cards are numbered for the ease of finding them in the guidebook - so that’s why you’ll see some cards are numbered 25, and others 3, etc. A few are inspired by the Major Arcana of Tarot, like the Mouse and Buttercup is pretty similar meaning-wise to the Fool, and they’re both numbered 0. It’s just a fun little way to pair a few cards up, so if you’re doing a reading and combining the oracle deck with your favorite tarot deck, you’ll get some cool and interesting results. I’m also not going in any particular order - just doing whatever card I want to at the moment!

What does [enter card name] card mean?
All the cards have a meaning, determined by their symbolism in folklore, mythology, the Victorian language of flowers, and personality traits. I won't be sharing the meaning for every single card I post, as I'd like to keep some things interesting and special for those purchasing the guidebook and final printed deck. Also, each card has an upright meaning and a different meaning if pulled in reverse! So, to keep my posts short and sweet, and to keep some surprises for those who intend on purchasing, I've chosen not to publicly post them. 

Are you doing a Kickstarter?
In all likelihood, probably not - I’d really prefer to fund this myself if possible, and I plan on making it regardless of whether or not a Kickstarter is successful. But we’re still pretty far away from that, so it could change. We’ll see!

Will you be drawing my favorite animal/plant?
Maybe! However, I've already chosen and written the meanings for each card, so I'm not looking for suggestions.

Where can I see all the completed cards?
As I complete the cards, I upload them on various social media sites under #woodlandwardens, on my personal website, and here, under "The Cards".

How can I stay up to date on the project?
I don’t have a mailing list set up or anything like that (sorry! hopefully someday!), so I’m just posting them as I complete them here under #woodlandwardens on Instagram and Tumblr. Following along on social media is your best bet. Here are links to my Instagram , Twitter , and Facebook where I share the cards as I complete them. I also share lots of WIPs on my Instagram and Twitter.

Can I share this project?
Please get in touch at jessicaroux@gmail.com for press inquiries. All my work is copyrighted to me, so please do not edit or repost without my written permission.

Can I get one of the cards tattooed?
Please get in touch at jessicaroux@gmail.com to pay an appropriate licensing fee. I'm the creator and the artist - and my work isn't free flash art for tattoos. Additionally, please note that my work is extremely detailed with fine lines and subdued colors, so it likely will not translate well onto the skin. You'd need to find a great botanical and nature inspired tattoo artist, and the vast majority of those do not trace the work of other artists -- it might be easier, not to mention less expensive, to book an appointment with a tattoo artist to draw your favorite animal or plant instead of using my work.

Will you ever illustrate a traditional 78 card tarot deck?
Maybe someday far in the future, but I’m focusing on finishing Woodland Wardens first. Thanks for your interest and patience!